My web design work flow

When designing websites, I use a three step work flow that keeps the client involved and prevents the "That's not what I was thinking" situation. Each step is approved before moving to the next and this approach does the fastest thing first which is good for feedback and the project budget.

Step 1. Create a Style Guide

Step one is to provide a style guide based of fonts, colors, styles that I think would work based off their needs. It's a very useful visual to see if my ideas align with theirs. The purpose is to learn what kind of colors, texture, and emotional vibe the client likes.

Step 2. Wire frames

The next step is to create the page layout. I provide wire frames based on how much content needs to be communicated. The purpose of this step is to identify the underlying architecture.

Step 3 Merge into Mock ups

I combine the style guide & wire frames to make the Mock ups. The client is pleased because they've been involved along the way to make the suggestions at the right times.

Usually there are tweaks, but they are minor compared to starting with this step.


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