I don't use Power Point

After our first few meetings I reflect back what I hear and see. I developed an outline to make sure we are on the same page. The outline fits into the acronym BASIC


I brainstorm what I'm seeing regarding your App's position and potential. These ideas could be tag lines, target markets, competitive advantages, or other.


So you can know where I'm coming from, I provide my assumptions of what I think the working environment is like. Assumptions might include how you acquire customers, team member involvement, or access to resources.


I want to make sure I understand how your company is generating revenue, or how it intends to. I'm a huge fan of SPIN selling as a way to drive toward a sale;

Situation - Describe the situation so the customer sees that you understand.
Problem - State the problem of the situation.
Implications - Expand that problem into it's implications and why the problem should be addressed sooner rather than later.
Need Payoff - Describe how your solution solves both short and long-term issues.

I'll be looking at your sales pitch through the SPIN model.


Another acronym I manage by is VOGI. VOGI is a way of viewing goals of different altitudes.
Vision - The big, single picture provided by the CEO
Objectives - 3 - 5 year tasks the company is driving toward.
Goals - 6 - 12 month goals the company needs to achieve to validate it's mission.
Initiatives - Tasks that need to be done today, tomorrow, and this week.

In my BASIC review, I'll suggest initiatives for me and the company for this week.


I'm not a consultant and Power Point does not really keep the ball rolling. Since companies hire me for more than ideas, I put together a few wire frames, logos, sketches, or other visual tools that are relevant to the task which can set the ball in motion.

My goal with the BASIC document is for the client to be able to simply say "proceed". The format is action oriented and designed to provide confidence that my efforts will have a positive impact.


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