3 ways to learn to code

There are three ways to learn to code;

With a tutorial

With a client

With an idea

With a tutorial

Following a teacher is awesome because it's a systematic approach to learning about the topic of interest. You will learn all kinds of little tricks and things that your even your programming friends don't know.

The drawback is that sometimes the content might go overboard or isn't relevant at the moment so you risk to zoning out. You should probably put that book down because you're not learning and it's not a requirement to cover to cover.

With a client

Working for a client is great because you get paid to implement their needs. The learning you experience is usually more general like project management, collaboration, or other 'soft skills' to shipping a website.

The drawback is that since you are being paid for what you know there isn't as much sexy technical learning, but hey!

With an Idea

Coding with an idea is awesome. I'm doing that now with ScreenPrintly

There are more drawbacks though. Like, you don't zzzleep much. And all you daydream about is what color Ferrari (Black, of course!). The technical challenges are that sometimes your ideas are beyond your skill set which can lead back to the drawing board.

Bonus - With a mentor

You need mentors. You need some experts to reach out to when you get stuck with ideas, tutorials, and jobs. I've met nearly all of my mentors at local meetups, like Boulder Ruby, and Ruby on Beer.

Do them all

Since all three ways are different, I usually doing them all in one form or fashion. It makes for a nice variety and usually benefit each other at some point.


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