10 reasons to love Boulder, CO

Why I love it here...

1. Beautiful location

Right beside the Flatirons.

2. Awesome weather all year

The lack of humidity is incredible and there's more sun here than California. When it snows, it's only around for a few days before it's burned off.

3. Outdoor activities - Skiing, hiking, biking

Love the ability to unplug and get the heart pumping with some awesome activities.

4. Ruby / Rails town.

It helps to know the language. If you're building web apps with Rails, then you'll have no trouble finding work!

5. Startup scene b/c of techstars

Techstars has done a fantastic job of making the available jobs exciting places to be apart of.

7. Great Meetups & Confs

There are so many ways to connect with people. My personal favorites are rubyonbeer.com, boulderruby.org, boulder open coffee club

8. Small town awesomeness.

Small towns are awesome. You see people around town. You can bike to work. There isn't the edge that you find in a bigger city.

9. Microbreweries

So many great local breweries including Avery, Odell's, New Belgium, Left hand, and Twisted Pine.

10. Pearl street

A combination of artists, musicians, shops, and eats. I love people watching, saying no to petitions, and enjoying the time with friends.


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